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This website is a complete online study guide for Pre-Calculus Math 40S, which follows the Manitoba math curriculum. With 32 lessons spanning the entire curriculum, the content found here can serve as a supplement to classroom learning or correspondence modules. The lessons and practice exams are free for students and teachers to download and print. Teachers may photocopy this content for use as a student handout.

Pre-Calculus 40S: Explained

Math animations and workbook for the new Manitoba math curriculum (2012).

Pre-Calculus 40S

Pre-Calculus 20S: Explained

Math animations and workbook for the new Manitoba math curriculum (2010).

Pre-Calculus 20S

Pre-Calculus Math 40s - Practice Exams: Based on released questions from previous Manitoba provincial examinations, these practice exams can be used as homework assignments or resource material for review classes.

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Pre-Calculus Math 40s Formula Sheet

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Students taking Principles of Math 12 in BC go to www.math12.com

Students taking Pure Math 30 in Alberta go to www.puremath30.com

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