Geometric Series

Trigonometry I

Trigonometry II

Perms & Combs



This course has been redone as
a fully animated series for Alberta's Math 30-1.

Combinatorics Lesson 1

The Fundamental Counting Principle & Permutations

Length: 11 Pages



Part I: The Fundamental Counting Principle

Part II: Repetitions Not Allowed

Part III: Repetitions Are Allowed

Part IV: Arranging a Subset

Part V: Specific Positions

Part VI: Adding Permutations

Part VII: Items Always Together

Part VIII: Items Never Together 

Combinatorics Lesson 2


Length: 10 Pages



Part I: Basic Combinations

Part II: Combinations With Specific items

Part III: Multiple Selection Pools

Part IV: At Least / At Most

Part V: Compound Sets

Part VI: Other Types of Combinations

Combinatorics Lesson 3


Length: 12 Pages

Part I: Pathways
Combinatorics Lesson 4

Equations of Permutations & Combinations

Length: 9 Pages


Part I: Permutation & Combination Formulas

Part II: Solving Equations Using Permutation & Combination Formulas

Part III: Word Problems Using Permutation & Combination Formulas

Combinatorics Lesson 5

The Binomial Theorem

Length: 11 Pages

Part I: Expanding Binomials

Path II: Solving For Specific Terms

Combinatorics Diploma Style Practice Exam

Complete Solution Guide

This is designed to be a full length 3-hour examination, just like your real diploma exam will be.

All questions in this practice exam are original questions based on projects, released diploma exams, and released items from the 2002 - 2005 diploma exams.  



33 Multiple Choice

7 Numeric Response

3 Written Response

Pure Math 30: Explained! Copyright Barry Mabillard 2006, All rights reserved.